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Mar 4, 2021

'He was a shiftless person, roving and maggotty-headed, and sometimes a little better than crazed. And being exceedingly credulous would stuff his many letters with fooleries and misinformations which sometimes would guide him into paths of error.'  - Anthony Wood on John Aubrey  31st August 1667

Books: Brief Lives (edited by Richard Barber) and John Aubrey My Own Life by Ruth Scurr.

It has been a strange year that has me thinking a lot of the troubles of the 17th century. A hero flittered through life in this time, always taken away from his passions by war, plague and the shiny objects and interesting people he desperately tried to make sense of. A magpie of knowledge with a brain to match, I have a huge affection for Mr John Aubrey, his scattered notes and collections make all our lives richer for his endeavours. 

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Photo is by Steve Cross