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Mar 16, 2015

In the last in this series, Qi Elf Stevyn Colgan celebrates the strangest soldiers of the second world war. How to stop a tank without a gun, plus the most original way to kill a Nazi and a bit of physical geography revision. We will be back in May 2015.



Mar 12, 2015

Anna Savory is cursed. The curse has already claimed her father and grandmother. Now she delves into the pages of the Devil's library to uncover the last great English eccentric - Lord Berners. Meanwhile Iszi interviews Robin Ince and Arthur Smith on the difference between art, performance and a life well lived....

Mar 5, 2015

S04E3 They're Watching You

The Z List Dead List is a podcast about obscure people from History. Created by Iszi Lawrence @iszi_lawrence

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