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May 16, 2018

Think you're clever? Maybe you are: but are you a GENIUS? Irving Finkel doubts it. There is only one man this curator gives that label to and it is Edward Hincks... upstaged by the evil Rawlinson and with a blue plaque only dogs can see, it seems the only person left to champion him is a swearing beardy man with a...

Apr 19, 2018

Do you know the difference between a cryptogamist and a cryptogramist? No? Well it turns out that, during the Second World War, someone in the Ministry of Defence didn’t either.

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Geoffrey Tandy


Apr 4, 2018

the most important woman in the history of mathematics... possibly the most important PERSON. So why have you never heard of her?

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Emmy Noether

Michael Conterio is a Cambridge based comedian and Physicist and...

Mar 15, 2018

Peggy Pollard's life sounds so made up its ridiculous... borne to the upper classes, a genius scholar, criminally minded fundraiser, a brilliant seamstress and deeply devout catholic. Her life is full of the tales of Narnia and metallic pineapples. Can it be true? Lucy Porter tells her story at The British Museum.


Mar 5, 2018

London is full of it. Poo. Someone worked out that having it slosh about the streets wasn't ideal. And Paul Duncan McGarrity loves him. Learn how one man turned the thames into a giant flush, and what happens when you sink your boat right next to the place where the poo comes out. #worstdeathever

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