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May 12, 2021

I worry I may have been too positive about Margery Kempe.

I do find her fascinating, not just because she offers a glimpse into life in the early 15th Century but because of how modern she feels as a character. She's the sort of person you'd expect to find on Dr Phil. Everything is about her, and her faith. Most historians when I was asking for suggestions to title this podcast offered up titles suggesting she was a self obsessed whiner and malingerer... 

However it is because of her unquestioned self importance that we have her autobiography dictated out of order to at least three different scribes. This book is incredibly exciting, and was only unearthed in 1934. 

I had to leave a lot out of this podcast, including her failings in the brewing industry (due to a lazy horse). But I hope you will get a sense of a woman of great courage, drive and grit. 

Part of me feels she was probably a lot more fun than Julian of Norwich or other medieval mystics. Have a listen and see what you think.