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May 27, 2015

Was everyone in the past really a backwards racist? Dr Adam Rutherford guides us through the history of genetics looking at one of Darwin’s must unappealing cousins. And to save your faith in humanity Eleanor Morton gets out her monkey. Expect a bit of filth and a cock or two.


Francis Galton

Dr Edward Bliss Foote


With thanks to Dr Adam Rutherford @adamrutherford and Eleanor Morton @eleanormorton.

Dr Adam Rutherford is currently writing a book on the Human Genome. I think it will be great so do keep an eye out for it. He is a scientist, writer and broadcaster. He presents a number of documentaries and is host of BBC Radio 4's flagship Science show, Inside Science. Do yourself a favour and buy his book Creation (2013).

Eleanor Morton is a comedian from the UK is is appearing at the Edinburgh Fringe in August 2015.

Iszi Lawrence is a comedian and podcasterer from the UK

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The Z List Dead List a Podcast about obscure people from History created and hosted by Iszi Lawrence.

Apologies for the slightly clunky edit at 25 mins in... it was only noticed after uploading. 


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