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Jan 18, 2018

What happens if you are outshone by your contemporaries. While Thomas Paine was busy changing the world, another man, also called Thomas was trying to do the same. Both men believed in Liberty at a time of American rebellion and guillotines in France. However one is held up to this day as one of the founding Fathers of the American Dream, the other only has an obsessive curator of coins in The British Museum to tell his story. The Rights of Man or Lessons for the Swinish Multitude... come on, which would you rather read?!

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Thomas Spence 

Ben Alsop is responsible for the Citi Money Gallery in Room 68. He is responsible for the updating of gallery content both in the gallery and on the Museum website. He is involved in the development of a new education programme, in conjunction with the Learning, Volunteers and Audience department, focusing on financial literacy.

Iszi Lawrence is a comedian and podcaster and contributor to BBC's Making History and presenter of The British Museum Membercast. @iszi_lawrence. The Z List Dead List is a podcast about obscure people from History. Created by Iszi Lawrence.

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