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Sep 11, 2014

Episode 2: Did You Hear The One About The Angry Roman?


The Z list Dead List - A podcast about obscure people from History. Hosted by Iszi Lawrence @iszi_lawrence. 


In this episode we take a peek at satire. What about blind rage is funny? Was the Music Hall a place of equal opportunities? And what is the best way to survive the ego of Roman Emperors?

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Juvenal (

Marie Lloyd (

Robert Coates (


With thanks to Natalie Haynes, David Quantick @quantick, Andrew Hunter Murray @andrewhunterm, Elf Lyons @elf_lyons &Trudi Stevens @Trudistevens.

Natalie Haynes ( is an author, comedian, broadcaster and classicist. She has a novel (released 2014) called The Amber Fury, it is very good indeed.

Andrew Hunter Murray is a Qi Elf and performs critically acclaimed improv He also is a co-host of the popular podcast No Such Thing As A Fish (

Elf Lyons is an actor and comedian (

David Quantick a comedy writer and author he also has a book with Unbound (a novel) titled The Mule (

Iszi Lawrence is the host of the Z List Dead List and UK based comedian



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