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Jan 19, 2017

The title of Sex God gets bandied around quite a bit these days, as Carrie Quinlain knows all too well. But there can only be one true sex god. How he got to be a god is a little more disturbing. But what with over 2000 statues of his perfect pecs and rosebud lips, such modern concerns are nothing in comparison to what love can aspire to. Just, yeah... as Obelix says "These Romans are crazy."

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Cleopatra III

Carrie Quinlan is an Actor, comedian and writer. Currently starring in John Finnemore's Souvenir Programme on BBC Radio 4. @quinlan_carrie

Iszi Lawrence is a comedian and podcasterer and contributer to BBC's Making History and presenter of The British Museum Membercast. @iszi_lawrence

The Z List Dead List is a podcast about obscure people from History. Created by Iszi Lawrence @iszi_lawrence

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